Welome to Blue Diamond.

Our specialities are High Performance supplies for industries processing glass, crystal but also silicon.
Products Managers will be glad to discuss technical issues and lowering your manufacturing costs.
Our WW references leads to propose the latest solutions to your production needs.

This web site is still in construction please apologize.
It is organised to presents the range of supplies in three ways:

MARKETS Automotive, Architectural, Furnitures, White Goods, Hollow & Tableware, Optical, IT & Technical...
PRODUCTS Diamond Tools, Polishing and Edge Deletion Wheels, Cutting oil, Coolant, Water Treatment, Pocessing Machines...
OPERATIONS - On the edge (Edging, Bevelling, Sawing, Flatting, Polishing)
- On the surface (Drilling, Cutting, Routing, Flat and Curved Surfacing, reaming)
- Maintemance (Sharpenning, Water Treatments)...